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Realistic & Artistic Murals & Paintings
Guillermo Berghusen

  Guillermo Berghusen

Was born in Lima Peru in 1957. He graduated with Architectual Design Degree in 1988. He joined the Fine Art School of Lima in 1979, graduating with mention of Honor in 1987. His artwork is part of many private collections in USA, Peru, Canada, Australia, Europe, Indonesia, Central and South America.

Charcoal, Oil, Watercolor, Ink, Pastels, Tempera, Goaches, Acrylics, + Hand painted Murals. Ceramic, Wood-carving, pencil drawing, Airbrush, Scale Models, Photography, Modeling, Interior Design, Architectural Design and consultant.

Joint Exhibits
2004: Noche Bohemia - Van Nuys, CA
2003: TAH Gallery - South Pasadena, CA
2002: Annual Faculty Show - Montecito Fine Arts
o o o School, Arcadia, CA.
2001 - 1999: TAH Gallery - South Pasadena, CA
1999: First Methodist Church of Pasadena, CA - Spring Show
1998: Winter Show - Eclections Art Gallery - Pasadena, CA
1996: The Gallery Downstairs - Pasadena, CA
1995: Local Artists - Monrovia, CA
1994: Four Brushes - I.C.P.N.A., Lima, Peru
1990: Latin American Artist in L.A. - Beverly Hills, CA
1989: Deco Gallery - Wheaton Plaza, MD
1988: Graduates Salon - Fine Art School of Lima, Peru. Auditonume
Graduates Salon - Museum of Italian Art of Lima, Peru
1987: Menart Gallery - Lima, Peru
o o o Galeria 10 - Miraflores, Lima, Peru
1986: Save the Cocolido Theater - Miraflores, Lima, Peru
o o o Cultural Event - University of Lima
Spring Event - La Milina University, Lima, Peru
1985: Independence Day, Lince City Hall, Lima, Peru
o o o Second Handicap Artists Show - Art Gallery of Lima
o o o o o
City Hall, Peru
1984: Young Artist - Lince City Hall, Lima, Peru
o o o First Exhibit of Students of the Fine Arts School
o o o o o of Lima - El Sol Gallery of Art, Lima Peru
1979: First Handicap Artists Show of Peru - Art Gallery
o o o of Petroperu, Lima, Peru

Personal Shows
2005: The Encounter - Sausalito, CA
o o o o Art Walk, March 2005, Sausalito, CA
o o o o Rustico - Sausalito, CA
2004: Art Walk, July 2004, Sausalito, CA
o o o Compadres en Art - Mellon Gallery, Arcadia, CA
2002: Pacific Design Center - Beverly Hills, CA
2001: Alla Awards of L.A. - City of Industry, CA
o o o Recent Paintings - Bordes, Pasadena, CA
1997: Lamas-Berg I.C.P.N.A., Lima., Peru. Juan
o o o Pardo Heerem, Gallery of Art.
1995: The Motif - Stage Left, Glendale, CA.
1993: Landscapes - Inn Artsy, Pasadena, CA
1989: 5th Preuvian Convention in USA - Stouffer
o o o
Hotel, Los Angeles, CA
1985: Alliance Frances - Lima, Peru

Guillermo has also participated in "Chalk on the Walk," Pasadena, CA 1993; and "On the Square," Pasadena, CA 1994. Both cultural events for the Aids and Cancer Society.

- Graphic Desing and drafting at J.W. Thompson of Peru
- Architetural Designer
- Interior Decorator
- Illustrator
- Logo Designer (since 1980)
- Album Covers
oooPeru Negro
oooAlex Acuna
oooJusto Almerio
- Hand painted Muralist (since 1986)
oPrivate Residence
o o Novato, CA
o o Palo Verde, CA
o o Diamond Bar, CA
oPublic Work
o o Lincoln Library of Springfield, IL
o o
o (a BRC Project in collaboration with Nigel
o o o Cooper & Assocates Studio).
o o T-Burgers Restaurant - Monrovia, CA