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Amilcar Ferrari
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A native from Peru, Amilcar Ferrari graduate from the School of Bellas Arts, Lima, Peru in 1972. He arrived in the U.S. in 1974 and soon after began working with wood finishing shops in New York City. In 1978 he moved to Washington DC and started working with several antique shops. Concurrently, he attended Montgomery College to study International Business.

In 1981 Amilcar and his father, Antonio Ferrari, opened "Ferrari & Son's Furniture Restoration." They worked together for 12 years. After Amilcar's father retired, Amilcar continued growing the business and its success throughout the 1990s.

Amilcar was an activ ecommunity member in DC. He belonged to several non-profit organizations including the VSA Arts Organization and the United Spanish of Maryland. After his graduation form Montgomery College, he was a sponsor several years, serving as a member of the Board of Education and teaching Art & Restoration.

Amilcar was elected President of the Maryland chapter of the Washington DC Metropolitan Business Association in 1999. He worked in conjunction with the President of Small Businesses of the Washington Metropolitan Area and the Washington DC Government.He enrolled in political campaigns, including that of Connie Morella, Governor of Maryland.

His wood working business flourished receiving commissions from the embassies of Turkey, Mexico, Britain, Peru, Ecuador, Italy, Nigeria, Congo, and more. He often worked directly with Ambassadors restoring historical antiques and repairing furniture that was damaged during overseas shipping.

His expertise in furniture damage lead to several jobs taking care of insurance claims. Andrew Air Force Base in Maryland, Arlington in Virginia, and the Base in Washington DC, all employed his specialized skills in this area. Mr. Ferrari worked for former President of HUR, Mr. Gallo Correa and for John Wallach, founder and president of Seeds of Peace - through whom Mr. Ferrari met and worked for Henry Kissinger. Mr. Ferrari also worked with Jonathan Lewin, former lawyer of President Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal and he worked for former First Lady Barbara Bush, at the time when Jorge Bush was Director of the CIA.

Hotels and restaurants, like the Marriott and Coco Locos, also sought Mr. Ferrari's specialized skills. He restored a ornate wooden bar and helped to build La Garden Restaurant at the Radisson Hotel in Georgetown. Leading his work crew, he was in charge of fine finishing, woodwork, walls, and decoration for all three floors. Similar work was done in Atlanta, Georgia on a center steak grill, and for a new restaurant in Alpharetta City. For Jamie Gore, family member of former Vice-President Al Gore, Mr. Ferrari restored the entire front facade of their Restaurant Bar & Grill in Baltimore.

Piano restoration and antiques are a unique specialty Amilcar honed for the Regency Galleries in Baltimore, MD and Interior Decorator Jim Proctor.

He contracted with the Henry Gifford Corporation, a mulit-corpation construction company, restoring local Washington DC monuments and doing major work on the second part of the DC airport. Extensive traditional wood refinishing was done for the Howard University of DC, the Washington Military Courthouse, and the Alexandria Courthouse.

In West Palm Beach he restored the entry doors and all the wooden benches of the New Jews Church on Pacifica St.

The SLOC (Salt Lake Organizing Committee) employed Mr. Ferrari for the Team 2002 Winter Olympics as part of the Olympic Logistic Crew. He was in charge of finishing work regarding the respective buildings of the Olympic Delegation and Media Corporation Offices.

In 2003 Mr. Ferrari worked building the World Pentathlon at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA. Stanford has hopes to become the centerpiece of a future plan for a San Francisco Summer Olympic Games in 2012.

Since relocating to the Bay Area, Mr. Ferrari has allied himself with the Mill Valley Cabinet Shop, Academy Piano in South San Francisco, Piano Tuner Tom Solonger, Harvey Carl, an Antique Dealer in the East Bay, Interior Decorator Brenda Mock and Ambiance Antiques in San Francisco.

His current studio has several apprentices and he is encouraging new business.


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